Pada laman ini, Kami menyajikan jurnal-jurnal ilmiah yang diterbitkan oleh Fakultas Ilmu Pendidikan Universitas Negeri Gorontalo. Penulis dan pembaca dapat mengakses jurnal-jurnal yang kami terbitkan. Jika anda tertarik untuk mengirimkan artikel, silakan menghubungi atau mengirim artikel pada jurnal masing-masing jurnal ilmiah di bawah ini.

Semoga bermanfaat!


  • Jambura Journal of Educational Management

    Jambura Journal of Educational Management (JJEM) is a scientific journal in the field of Education Management. JJEM is published by the Department of Education Management, Faculty of Education science at the State University of Gorontalo. The purpose of this journal is to provide a place for academics, researchers and practitioners to publish original research articles or review articles. Jambura Journal of Education Management (JJEM) Published twice a year in March and September. ISSN Online: 2721-2106 , DOI Prefix: 10.37411


    PEDAGOGIKA is a scientific periodical journal published by Gorontalo State University, Faculty of Education. PEDAGOGIKA with registered number ISSN p-2086-4469, ISSN e-2716-0580 is a collection of educational scientific articles, especially in the fields of educational sciences such as Educational Management, Guidance and Counseling, Primary/Elementary and Teacher Education, Early Childhood and Teacher Education, Educational Technology and others. PEDAGOGIKA were a publication for academics and practitioners in the field of education published articles resulting in research. PEDAGOGIKA rise 2 (two) times a year in April and October.

    ISSN Online 2716-0580 ISSN Print 2086-4469

  • Jambura Early Childhood Education Journal

    Jambura Early Childhood Education Journal is a journal that focuses on early childhood studies, discussing parents-child relationship, multiple intelligences, and pedagogies. This journal is published by the Education Teacher and Early Childhood Education Department, Gorontalo State University, which aims to facilitate professionals, academics, researchers, scholars and university students whose conduct empirical and original work. The Jambura Journal publishes articles on Early Childhood Education twice a year, every January and July.

    ISSN ONLINE: 2716-2974 | ISSN PRINT: 2654-752X

  • JAMBURA Elementary Education Journal

    The Jambura Elementary Education Journal is published by the Elementary School Teacher Education Study Program, Faculty of Education, State University of Gorontalo. This jurnal is intended to publish articles on the results of thought, research and community service. The aim of this Journal is to have research results specifically on the education of elementary school teachers from practitioners, academics, researchers, and education observers. The scope of articles published is about basic education or elementary school related to the theory and practice of teaching and learning, curriculum development, learning materials, learning models, learning methods and learning media. The Jambura Basic Education Scientific Journal is published twice a year in June and December.

    ISSN ONLINE : 2723-6307

  • Jambura Journal Community Empowerment

    Community education reaches a variety objectives source of educators, students, and learning environments that require a variety of learning models. Therefore in the Jambura Community Education Journal in this edition will be published various research relating to the teaching model as a whole.

  • JAMBURA Guidance and Counseling Journal

    JAMBURA Guidance and Counseling Journal (JGCJ) is a scientific journal published by the Department of Counseling Guidance at the Faculty of Education, Gorontalo State University. The publication of this journal aims to disseminate new theories and accepts manuscripts in the field of research includes scientific fields relevant to: Professional Counseling, School Counseling, Psychology Counseling, Career Counseling, International Counseling and Multicultural Issues, Counseling Supervision, Marriage and Family Counseling, Mental Health, Theory Development, and Integrative Reviews from Counseling and Related Fields. Journal that published edition twice a year in May and November. We accept articles in English and Indonesian.

    E-ISSN 2722-1628